The 3 Biggest Infrared Sauna Dangers; What You Need to Know

Too many infrared sauna companies tout the amazing benefits of infrared therapy without acknowledging the dangers. Admittedly, I rolled my eyes the first time I heard about EMF’s, off-gassing, and pour manufacturing standards.

Infrared Sauna EMF’s

Many infrared saunas are filled with electromagnetic fields (EMF). EMF’s are “invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power.”

These come from things like cell phones, power lines, hundreds of electrical devices, fluorescent lights, etc. EMF’s are energy waves with frequencies below 300 Hertz per second.

We are constantly exposed to them and they are dangerous. These can damage your DNA, harm your brain, and negatively affect reproduction. The CDC, WHO, and EMF’ all discuss the problems with EMF’s if you want to dive deeper.

It is important to choose a company that sells low EMF’s sauna and not cheap, off-brands from China.

Off-gassing in infrared saunas

Off gassing is another thing you need to be careful about.

Sauna companies get their wood from wood manufacturers and mills that make wood for all sorts of industrial applications. The wood is treated different for its various applications, like for a desk, cabinets, flooring, etc.

Manufacturers can use cheaper glues and adhesives that weren’t meant to be heated by infrared radiation with you sitting inside of it.

Infrared radiation passes through the wood and breaks down the chemical compounds in the glues.

Guess who breathes those chemicals in? You.

Infrared carbon panels

Most infrared saunas use carbon emitters, those black things on the wall of the sauna, to give off that infrared light. Most of that carbon from the flooring industry in China.

It’s a great way to heat your home, but not in an infrared sauna. It isn’t supposed to get in touch with such high temperatures in the sauna and next to all the treated wood and glues too.

The carbon is also runs through a transformer, which puts off EMF’s. It’s basically right in front of you while you sit in that hot box. All of that compounds and you end up sitting in a very toxic environment.

Sauna manufacturers

The last major infrared sauna danger is who the manufacturer is. The majority of sauna brands come from Chinese manufacturers. The differences can just be a door knob or slightly different framing. Companies usually boast about their patent because it differentiates them.

Patent vs trademark:

Patents protect others from making or selling their invention. Trademarks protect words, phrases, logos, etc. The patent is usually based off some research and development that the company actually did.

Meanwhile, other companies just have a few trademark terms. No patents. You will see that when you look up the LLC, they have absolutely no research & development or anything invested in their company.

Some companies tout “Made in the USA” but all of their parts come from China. The assembly just takes place in the USA.

The manufacturers overseas all compete with each other. They copy each other then try to improve the margins for their US importers to appeal better to them than their competitors. That could take away from the quality. 

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