Here are top 10 most popular sauna accessories you need to buy

What’s the point of owning a sauna if you don’t have any accessories?

In this blog post, I’ll share with you my top 10 favorite and most popular accessories for your sauna. There are so many different accessories for saunas that it can be hard to determine which is most important.

Not only will these products make your home sauna experience better, you can use them in a public sauna too!

Bucket & Ladle

Water poured over the rocks creates steam, löyly. Löyly means spirit, or soul, of the sauna, stemming from the Uralic (Northern Eurasian) language.

This steam humidifies the air, making the sauna feel warmer. This aids in your detox regimen because the steam will cause you to sweat more.

Use a water bucket & ladle to create this steam and bring out the spiritual healing powers of the sauna.

The water inside your bucket should be clean and you may add essential oils. This makes the steam smell better and more therapeutic to breathe in!

The ladle measures out the perfect amount of water to pour over the rocks or heater, in order to produce that nice misty heat.

You can find both wooden & copper ones at Touch of Finland, as well as on Amazon.

Sauna hats

You may think that a hat is only useful for keeping your head warm in the winter, but it also has benefits inside of saunas. Sauna hats are a great way to keep your head cool. They are made of wool felt in stylish fashion!

Your head tends to heat faster than the rest of your body. The hat will allow your core body temperature to rise, so you get the full benefits of the sauna, without overheating.

Wool is a great insulator because it keeps the air inside of it at a consistent temperature, hence why you wear wool hats to keep your head warm in the cold.

Sauna hats also protect your hair from drying out due to the intense heat of the sauna. Some bald people like the hats too because it protects their scalp from the heat.

There are some very creative sauna hats on Etsy or Amazon. If you are looking for a specific brand, Eden Ukraine has many positive reviews on Amazon.

Sauna Whisks (Vihta, Vasta, & Venik)

The sauna whisks are a tight bundle of young twigs tied together, looking like a fan. The whisks come from birch, oak or eucalyptus which give off their natural aroma while you massage your partner in the heat to soothe sore muscles and joints.

The sauna whisk is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing evening with your loved one. The bristles of this light brush will gently and soothingly cleanse away any dirt or dead skin, while it creates an invigorating sensation that increases blood flow throughout your body. Simply dip in warm water before using on yourself or your partner.

This is a great video on the process of how they are made and how to use them:

Etsy has an excellent collection to purchase.

Essential oils & aromas

Essential oils are concentrated liquid fragrances that can enrich your sauna experience.

These oils are used in aromatherapy to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being. Aromatherapy is the inhalation and topical application of essential oils from aromatic plants to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being.

This ancient practice has been used for thousands of years by Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian cultures. It is an important aspect of Ayurveda too.

Essential oils act on your emotional state of mind because they release chemicals from our brain’s limbic system. Oils have different medicinal properties too. Lavender is relaxing. Eucalyptus is energizing and helps with nasal congestion.

Just make sure to pour the oils in your water bucket instead of directly on the rocks. The oil will spread through the water so when the water is poured on the rocks, the steam will release the essential oil aroma throughout your sauna.

Touch of Finland has a number of specific sauna scents. You can find plenty of other brands and scents on Amazon.

Head, back & leg rests & pillows

You deserve to be comfortable in the sauna.

Head, back, and leg rests have you covered. They allow you to lie down or sit up with your spine in a neutral position, taking the pressure off your lower back, neck and knees. These are usually made of cedar wood.

Sauna pillows are machine washable because of the sweat.

Touch of Finland makes hand-crafted backrests from Michigan and head rests from Finland. You can also find these on Amazon.

Thermometers, hygrometers, and timers

These accessories come pretty standard in most saunas. Thermometers are important to keep track of the temperature in the sauna. Place your thermometer above the sauna heater and about 6-12″ below the ceiling.

Hygrometers measure the sauna’s humidity. It usually ranges between 10-35% depending on the amount of water used.

The best, affordable thermometer comes from Bjerg Instruments and another popular combo of thermometer & hygrometer comes from Vikye.

You probably know how long you usually stay in a sauna, but if you are like me, you forget when you actually got in the sauna.

Timers allow you to keep track of time, without bringing your cell phone into the sauna. Many sauna brands charge around $30 for their timers but they are the same quality as less expensive ones you can find on Amazon.

Salt therapy

Implementing a salt therapy device inside your sauna can help your respiratory system. This is best for infrared saunas because of the lack of steam.

The respiratory impact of salt on lungs was studied back in the 1800’s. Polish salt miners didn’t have any respiratory challenges, while other miners experienced all of the negative effects of mining on their lungs.

In 1839, after studying these effects, Dr Feliks Boczkowski established the 1st underground health facility at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland.

The American Lung Associate finds salt therapy to be promising.

” [Salt particles thin] the mucus and making it easier to raise, thus making people feel better…Also, these environments are allergen-free and thus good for people with allergies affecting their lungs.”

Dr. Norman Edelman, Senior Scientific Advisor to the American Lung Association

Ben Greenfield recommends this Halotherapy device. Halotherapy Solutions work with Clearlight infrared saunas. You can find cheaper ones on Amazon, just make sure it will work in your home sauna.

Sauna honey

Honey is a natural skin care product with many benefits. You can use honey to exfoliate your face without the harsh chemicals found in most products. It’s great for sensitive skins and those with acne and dryer complexions.

Use raw honey if you want all of these amazing health properties and not the fake, processed honey you see in most grocery stores. Amazon has raw honey from beekeepers and make your own sauna honey.

Sauna brush

The bristles on a brush help to exfoliate and clean your skin, removing dead cells so that you’ll look radiant from head-to-toe. Plus it helps open up pores for better sweating.

Hydrea London has great reviews on their affordable brushes.

Hangers or a peg rack

Use peg racks to hang your towels, clothes, and brushes. Keep your sauna clean. Don’t bring your clothes into the sauna because you don’t have a place to put them.

Sauna signs

These add a nice décor to your sauna. Etsy has the best collection.