Have you ever Googled health information only to find conflicting answers?

One doctor says this, another says that. Who wrote the article anyway?

They often give out-of-date, generic advice too.

And let’s not forget how politicized science has become.

When you can tell which side of the isle your doctor (or blogger) sits on, their research is most likely biased.

And why is it that everyone in the health & fitness space is trying to sell you something?

Thousands of products claim health benefits like “lose weight”, “burn fat”, & “detox”.

Then you dig deeper. And you find baseless claims. Nothing backed by science.

Americans are conditioned to do more to fix their problems, instead of peeling back layers of the onion.

Take this drug, buy this supplement, do this work out.

There are more gyms, online fitness classes, nutritional products, and new trends than ever before. Gym’s are full of machines, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, and every cardio equipment imaginable.

You can go broke buying the best supplements for fat loss, best protein for muscle building, and best pre-workout to take.

Despite all this, America is as unhealthy as ever.

In a world of excess, less is more.

Who am I?

My name is Bryce Garcia. I love saunas.

We are here to share the benefits of sauna use. And all you have to do is sit there.

Yep. Just sit inside a hot, wooden box.

There is no fancy protocol. There is no sauna workout. And you don’t have to buy a sauna. There are plenty of public saunas you can go to.

My health & fitness journey began as a fat, out-of-shape baseball player who stumbled upon a trainer that changed his life.

I met Eric Cressey, the leading baseball trainer in America, in 8th grade. He is now the head of the New York Yankees strength & conditioning and has two massive baseball training complexes in Florida & Massachusetts where thousands of professional athletes have trained.

Cressey Performance taught me the foundation and intricacies of strength training.

Now when I go to the gym, I see flaws everywhere. Although I admit, I could still use some coaching myself.

Since training at Cressey Performance, I spent over a decade listening to endless podcasts and reading dozens of books in other areas of health like nutrition, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, and longevity.

I’ve learned from Ben Greenfield, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Dr. Peter Attia, Mark Sisson, Brad Kearns, Robb Wolf, Dr. Paul Saladino, Laird Hamilton, Patrick McKeown, Aubrey Marcus, Katy Bowman, Joe Rogan, and many more that I am forgetting.

Why I created Ossauna

I have a dark side.

When I was Googling sauna information to learn more, I was hit by a ton of bullshit.

It came from doctors, health websites, personal bloggers, all making various claims that directly contradict scientific evidence.

Many of these articles were written by a freelance journalist who are clearly not sauna users. It’s like they tried it once and because they are a journalist, they wrote about it.

Their articles are often reviewed by or cite a doctor. These doctor are also clearly not sauna users and appear not to even read the research.

What drove me crazy was seeing articles saying “You should never use the sauna for more than 15 minutes”. There was no mentioning of sauna temperature or reading the science that clearly shows better results lasting over 20 minutes.

In another article, a doctor warned about the risk of dehydration from using a sauna. He actually recommended people drink a sports, electrolyte drink like Gatorade.

That’s insane!

A doctor telling you to drink sugar.

That should come as no surprise as doctors are the ones who came up with the food pyramid, pushed sugar on the American people, recommended cigarettes, and have helped develop vegetable oils.

All of this has directly led to the deaths of millions of Americans.

Did I mention that another doctor said you shouldn’t drink water in a sauna because being slightly dehydrated is good for you? She said you should drink your protein shake, but not water… how is there any logic there?

There is also plenty of evidence that you do not need food or protein immediately after a workout, which was thought to be true years ago.

So now you can see my frustration.

We’ve put together the science with insights from these leaders and personal experiences from the sauna community, to create OSSauna.

What is OSSauna?

OSSauna highlights the amazing health benefits of saunas, sauna education, product reviews, and more.

Our goal is to increase sauna usage to make Americans healthier.

The products we link to may have affiliate links. I may make a commission at no cost to you. This is to support the site as it continues to grow and connect people with the best products that we use.

I am obviously not a doctor. You should do your own research. We provide links to our sources for you to do so.

P.S. OSS (oh-ss) is a term from many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools. Originally a Japanese word that has taken on a new meaning in the BJJ community as a sign of respect, commitment, and trust.

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