Why You Need to Visit Löyly Sauna in Helsinki Finland

Finland is the world capital of sauna culture. The population of Finland is 5.5 million and despite that small population, it boasts around 2 million saunas! There is a sauna for every 2 people.

Löyly means more than just the steam coming off of the heater. It is the entire spirit of the sauna experience. The now famous sauna house in Helsinki is named after it.

Construction began in 2015 to offer a truly Finnish sauna to thousands of tourist. It has three wood-heated saunas, a restaurant and bar. Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen of Avanto designed its impressive architecture, that is environmentally sustainable. The beautiful sauna house overlooks the Baltic sea.

Architect Magazine: Löyly in Helsinki, Finland
Löyly Sauna – Architect Magazine

Löyly Saunas

The iconic sauna house has both public and private saunas. The big, public saunas are traditional smoke saunas and wood burning. They fit about 20 people each. It costs EUR 19.00 for a 2 hour visit, with additional hours available.

Public sauna Löyly Helsinki
Public sauna, Löyly Helsinki – Pekka Keränen, Helsinki Marketing

The private saunas can fit up to 12 people. It has the same access to the outdoors as the public sauna, with its own private showers. You pay EUR 300 Sun-Wed and EUR 400 Thur-Sat. That will give you 2 hours of access.

Woman in private sauna at Löyly Sauna in Helsinki Finland
Private sauna at Löyly – Architect Magazine

The saunas are mixed gender. Saunas are traditionally separated by gender and the bathers are separate. Swimwear is required inside these saunas. This creates a sauna culture where you can bathe with friends, regardless of gender. It also doesn’t put pressure on foreigners to bathe naked like in traditional Finnish sauna culture.

Other Amenities

There are also other amenities within the complex. A spa area and fireplace are between the saunas so visitors can relax before, during, or after their sauna experience.

You will see people jump in the Baltic Sea right after using the sauna, to get their cold plunge in. Just jump into the sea during the summer. You can even this in the winter, via the “avanto”, or hole in the ice.

Overhead view of Löyly in Helsinki, Finland
Overhead view of Löyly, Helsinki – Architecture Lab

There is a restaurant and bar with 3 levels of outdoor seating. This provides a great experience for those who want to sauna bathe with friends and family, and then enjoy some food and drink with amazing views.

The restaurant at Löyly Helsinki
Restaurant at Löyly Helsinki


Löyly gets its electricity and heat from wind power. The wood is first FSC-certified building in Finland. Forest Stewardship Council is a certification showing that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 

To learn more, check out the website.

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