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How to Find the Best Time of Day to Use a Sauna

We all know the wonderful benefits of saunas. But when is the BEST time to use a sauna?

Spoiler: Any time is the best time to use a sauna. You will feel amazingly refreshed whenever you use a sauna.

The optimal time for you depends on your lifestyle facts. Your goals and availability are two key factors.

Best time to sauna for athletes, weightlifters, runners, and people who train frequently:

You want to get the most out of your training, whether you are an athlete or occasional gym-goer. That means optimizing for muscle gain, cardiovascular conditioning, and recovery.

You should use the sauna after workouts.

Saunas help you recover from exercise faster. The heat stress greatly increases your growth hormone production. This is crucial for muscle repair & recovery after a grueling workout.

Saunas will increase blood flow to your skeletal muscles, fueling them with glucose, amino and fatty acids, and oxygen, for a speedy recovery.

Best time to sauna for people looking to de-stress

Your day is stressful. It’s one thing after another. And your body becomes very tense when stressed.

Saunas will loosen your muscles and relieve you of chronic tension.

Endorphins are released into your body, creating a soothing and tranquilizing effect. This not only minimizes chronic pain, but will help with relaxation and sleep.

The best time to use a sauna for professionals is in the evening to decompress from the day. Plus, a drink tastes even more delicious when capping off a busy day and a sauna session.

Best time to sauna for fat loss

The sauna has similar effects as exercise and improves cardio performance. Both of which are important for fat loss.

A great time to use the sauna is at the end of a fast.

For intermittent fasters, this could mean right before your first meal of the day. Or for extended fasters, this could be the last thing you do before refeeding.

Best time for busy professionals, parents, & entrepreneurs

The sauna is similar to exercise. There are benefits and trade-offs to exercise in the morning and evening.

Working out in the morning kick starts your day. And it’d be easier to skip it if you waited until the evening.

However, your core body temperature is naturally higher in the evenings. Your body naturally performs better during the evenings than early in the morning.

Just doing it is what matters most. Any time.