Ben Greenfield in his infrared sauna

Ben Greenfield, Sauna Biohaker

Ben Greenfield is the ultimate fitness nerd and a full-blown sauna addict. He is a leader in the health & longevity space, with books, a podcast, & website filled health information. He has a unique background studying anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and much more. No only that, but he is a former body builder, triathlete, & college athlete. Ben is famous for biohacking traditional fitness. With an innovative approach of modern medicine and extensive historical & scientific research, Ben’s unique approach maximizes his infrared sauna experience.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Ben Greenfield is a Sauna Addict

Ben’s top 10 scientific reasons for being a sauna addict are as follows:

Ben Greenfield's top 10 scientific reasons why he is a sauna addict.

You’ll see below that Ben Greenfield’s Sauna biohacks enhance the already amazing benefits of sauna use.

Ben Greenfield’s Sauna Experience

Ben will warm and stimulate his body before using the sauna. He drinks hot coffee or green tea while also recommending black pepper in tea or hot water because the black pepper also heats up your body from the inside. He posted his morning sauna routine of yoga sun salutations, Hindu squats and pushups, boat pose, wheel pose, lunges, & more. While Ben’s sauna use is usually in the morning, he says that exercising before the sauna also has its benefits. Your body is already warm to induce further sweating and you get the muscle recovery benefits from the heat. He sometimes exercises in the sauna with his kettlebell and exercise bike. For a therapeutic sauna session, he stretches, foam rolls, or reads.

How Ben Increases Detoxification

Infrared saunas are famous for their detox benefits. That doesn’t stop Ben from taking it to the next level. To increase blood flow to his skin, he uses the topical muscle warming cream that cyclist use in cold climates. He also uses niacin to increase blood flow to the liver and kidneys with activated charcoal to bind toxins. This flush toxins out quickly.  Like a sauna pro, he finishes with 5-10 minutes of cold water immersion via a cold shower or cold plunge.

Ben Greenfield biohacking his Clearlight infrared sauna


Ben Greenfield in his infrared sauna (

Recovering From Heat Stress

You just sit in the sauna to feel the effects of heat stress. As Ultrarunning Coach Jason Koop says, “Acclimating to the heat is additional stress. Just like more miles or intervals, so you can’t simply pile it on.” Ben replenishes with a salt like Celtic sea salt that is high in minerals and low in micro plastics instead of table salt. You handle heat stress better by properly hydrating with minerals. He recommends tracking your recovery and heart rate variability with a whoop or an Oura ring even though you don’t get sore from sauna use.

EMF’s in Your Sauna

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are “invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power.” EMF’s come from cell phones, power lines, hundreds of electrical devices, fluorescent lights, etc. EMFs damage your DNA, harm your brain, and negatively affect reproduction. Many infrared saunas are loaded with these EMF’s. Additionally, many of these sauna companies manufacture in China or from mills that produce wood for other needs. This wood can be filled with adhesives and glue that are not meant to be baked by infrared rays. So instead of detoxing, you are damaging your health.

Why Ben Greenfield uses a Clearlight Infrared Sauna

Ben uses a Clearlight infrared sauna because he, and others, have personally tested the EMF levels. EMF’s measured at almost 0mG in the seating area. When measuring the EMF levels directly on the heater itself (the True Wave II heater), it only registered 2.5mG. For context, he avoids anything over 3mG. 

(Source: BGF)

He owns the Sanctuary Y model because it’s big enough to exercise in. He recommends insulating your sauna ceiling to trap the heat, along with a fan blowing the hot air (and electric bill) down. Ben adds a salt therapy device along with aroma of essential oils like peppermint, tobacco, or wood scents for the added respiratory benefits.

Saunas are one of Ben’s favorite tools for longevity, health, and performance